Microsoft Big Data

Microsoft South Africa required a campaign that would showcase their Big Data offering for launch, while simultaneously demonstrating the art of big data, and enlist the skill of South African students.

In order to do this, they would require:

  1. A series of pieces showing the interpretation and translation of Big Data into easily understandable representations.
  2. A launch event at which these pieces could be displayed and viewed by a select audience.
  3. Peripheral project executions to raise awareness in the public at large.


Why shadow art?

Because it takes a complex series of objects, and creates sense through the use of lighting. However, we opened up the brief to the students, and requested that they think outside of the borders to create the reveal. We encouraged the use of any of the following mediums:

  • Light
  • Lens
  • Perspective
  • Mirror
  • Alignment
  • Magnification
  • Filter
  • Chemicals

A large number of students from TUKS and other universities were briefed on the requirements for the project. Their brief?

  • To show people that Microsoft has all the tools required to allow people to see the big picture that is contained within in their DATA.
  • To create an ‘aha’ moment when the big picture is revealed.


The launch was held at Sandton City on the 18th of June 2015. The launch featured Dion Chang (Flux Trends) as a key-note speaker, focusing on the role of Big Data in society going forward.

Six booths were constructed to hold the artworks, which were presented side-by-side with video interviews with the artists, and a short description of their work



DateOctober 2014