Suzuki Auto South Africa launched the Swift Sport to the South African market in July 2012. During the time pre the launch, there was a lot of protest and disgruntled South Africans complaining about the constant increase in the petrol price and the pending implementation of the tolls in Johannesburg. The Swift Sport couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With its super sporty exterior, comfortable interior and complete fuel efficiency, it was exactly what the South African market needed. Since Suzuki has such loyal fans and owners, it was decided to crowd source the actors for this commercial via Facebook and Direct Mail. Anyone who owned a Suzuki was welcome to participate in the making of this ad. 200 people and their vehicles arrived on the day. The concept was borrowed from well known movie, Braveheart, in which the hero strives for the freedom of the people. Here, the braveheart makes use of a lifesaver- The Suzuki Swift- to show that they can hike the petrol price, increase the toll fees, but they can’t take away the freedom one feels when driving a Swift Sport.

DateOctober 2014