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If you’re not on social media, do you even exist?

We’re living in the new age of communication, where dashing off a thought or communication to a brand takes less than a minute and can have a lasting impact. Added to that, people are conversational and expect brands to be too! It’s not enough to have a Twitter profile, you also need to respond to your prospects and customers in a timely and appropriate fashion. Added to this, without a social media presence, you’ve got no control over what people are saying about you, and can’t respond to any comments or feedback (good or bad).

The transparency, quick turnaround time and tone of a brand on social media are all very appealing for prospects and customers who feel like they’re talking to a person that cares, rather than a faceless brand covered in red tape.

However this is no simple thing! Choosing the appropriate platforms is a strategic decision a brand needs to make, and building up a following is a crucial step for each platform. Managing negative feedback requires deftness and dexterity, as is maintaining a presence on the appropriate social media platforms for your brand.

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There are many advantages to a well run social media presence! You’re creating awareness (for strangers) and loyalty (for customers) to both your brand and products. Negative feedback can become your best friend if handled well, and the authenticity and relatability of a brand increases dramatically if your customers appreciate your social media presence.

Outsourcing this allows you to focus on your business, while we manage your communities, create content to make you shine (collaboratively with your experts, of course!) and make sure everything is scheduled and ready to go.

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