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Some call this the future of marketing; we know it as the best way to measure and track all your marketing efforts, both online and offline! As an integrated marketing agency we love the way inbound marketing pulls together your marketing efforts holistically in one platform (we use the leading international software, HubSpot) to give you the cold, hard facts you can use to make your campaigns results driven and based on real reactions of your customers and prospects.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating magnetic marketing that draws the ideal customers in with an Always Be Helping attitude. This is executed through content, such a blogs, social and digital media and importantly, lead nurturing, with email and newsletter campaigns.

The HubSpot software used to run these campaigns has an excellent reporting element that, when used correctly, can give incredible insights to what marketing has the best effects. For example, in the past, a TV advert (TVC) would run, and though the brand would see a spike in website traffic, it was challenging to see how we could convert that increased interest into actual sales. Now, we ensure there is helpful content (like a Venus Flytrap) to nurture and attract the right prospects and convert them to customers, and we can see where on the website they drop off. Tying this together with elements like social media or events allows us to truly run holistic campaigns that support each other - and they’re all trackable!

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Oh boy, there are so many benefits to integrating inbound into your marketing! This truly amplifies all of your other marketing efforts.

Data and responsive marketing:
this is the most amazing thing about using inbound! No longer just broad strokes data, this stuff gets granular and really encourages you to make educated, responsive decisions based on how your prospects and users are travelling on the journey to purchase.

Holistic platform:
If you know how to use it, you can track all of your marketing efforts in one place, and see how best they can supplement and support each other.

Buyer personas:
More detailed than a target market, buyer personas dig into the psychometrics and the whys that drive your ideal customer. These people are primed to become future evangelists.

Evergreen and seasonality:
Because of our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, inbound is primed to reuse your efforts from past seasons (for example, tax season) to net more prospects, and to upsell and cross sell to current ones.

All of the above comes down to one beautiful word: ROI! With more data, the ability to optimise and use evergreen content, inbound marketing shows (and can prove) incredible return on investment.


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