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Do you need something printed, filmed or made? After all, ideas are cheap - it’s turning them into something tangible that takes your brand to the next level. From corporate gifting to filming and executing videos, our production team takes what were once just concepts, and turns them into a reality with our creative spin and extensive experience. This could be anything, from a filmed videos, to outdoor advertising, to real, practical items like flyers, branded gifts and more.

Our flourishing video department can create videos for any format, and video is a vital addition for any brand in this increasingly visual and digital age. We can conceptualise a video, script it, film, edit and format the final product to meet your needs.

The production team often works in conjunction with our other departments, particularly events and activations, to perfectly round off the client’s needs.


Penquin is a one-stop-shop with years of experience. We have relationships with suppliers that get us better prices and faster turnaround times than in-house teams and even other marketing agencies.

With our expertise, we also have excellent knowledge of what works best in different industries, and can make recommendations to our clients, as well as make creative suggestions that might not have occurred to clients.

We have a pool of suppliers and can work very well with our other departments which means there is no such thing as “missing a brief”. We’re all on the same page.

Inhouse director / Editor / composer!

Can be booked out too.

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Video production and editing
Content development
Radio recordings
TVC production
Outdoor branding
Corporate gifting

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