Make it better with
Office 365

Creating awareness

The challenge that the Microsoft Office 365 faced was that consumers/users were not aware of all the programmes that come with Office 365 (Powerpoint, Word, Excel etc.), and the valuable features that each of these programmes offer.

The campaign

Office creates more productive lives

We focused on showcasing Office 365 as an enabler of productivity, highlighting the functional and emotional benefit of Office 365 giving consumers more time (relatable to customers) to do the things they love, and that really matter to them.

Office 365 allows you to
work smart like Kamo

We unpacked what we would do if we could work more productively

We focused on the things that matter most: family time, binge-watching a series, and enjoying a holiday. However, for this to be relatable to all target markets, we decided to use humour to portray the benefits offered by the Office 365 Suite, and to create a relatable character . Our character was based on on the office “chop” who always has time to mess around – chats too much, watches sport at the office, and has water cooler boat races. Kamo was born.

Everyone can benefit with a little
Kamo time

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flighted spots

15 737 713



media spend


production spend

1.3 M

total campaign budget